What happens around me makes me  cringe! I coil and look for a Haven desperately, because things happen and I ask myself “where are you ?” What is this place? I’m drawn to believe when you die, you are  better than being alive. I’m  not saying be ungrateful that you have life and that you are alive -death in every form is creepy-but ,what are you alive for? where are you alive at ?”would it better if I was never here?”.I would never go through  pain, if I was never here <I’d be in heaven> I’d never know sorrow especially brought by the works of fellow men,I’d never be  afraid of  the jungle out there. I mean I’d be emotionless,maybe I’d not notice if I got hurt,I’d know no murder,rape,betrayal,anguish what are these things?

In this place we call home, where blood is as thin as water ,where love holds no hearts,where trust is a luxury,you cannot afford it.You cannot afford to lay in it.Its a bed of thorny roses.

We can’t move around with x-rays ,or we would know what lies inside the hearts of men,we would know better, we would know who loves us and who is out to harm us,My God! its like this place detests innocence you cannot afford to be pure, or  they’ll grab you,like hungry carnivals they’ll wipe you.Some things done are strangely repulsive! The ease to harm others.

In this place the angels cry…..

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