If  theres a virtue anyone should never forget to wear,its Respect .If respect is not on your top list let humility be because with humility respect will flow in naturally. Let me preach it better.

Its a matter of having self respect

What makes one feel like they are above anyone? Let me  leave the answers to that for  another day less i  loose myself and skip the reason as to why I am  here.
There is no need going around stepping on everyone , you will be respected,respect yourself first.
Respect is not earned,no one has to beg for it,nor work for it. It is commanded but it shouldn’t be anyway,trust is  earned fear is commanded. Do not be feared and think you  are respected.
They don’t deserve my respect,then respect them like they don’t deserve it.

To respect is to give your honour to someone you think you will never need,everyone deserves respect.
By virtue of being human they deserve it,they ought to be to respected.
Everyone in there calibre deserves to be treated with respect.
Be with respect and be of respect it’s the most classical of suits a gentleman can ever wear , for a lady,so many things can  be lost but never let  go  of  yourself respect,there you can take pride in just about anything….I rest my pen.


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