Me As a Teenager (part1)


But I am just a teenage girl,
I just want to find myself,
Its time I found something worth living for,
I am not a little girl anymore,
And the thought scares me,

Now I see what knowledge means,
Now I know I need to face the world,
Now my heart is open,
Now I see what  humanity is,
Many things will come my way,
I will not always be protected,
I need to build my walls,

I now know that everyone is not a friend,
Its know its a park,not everyone is a playmate,
They have taught many things,
I realise am not a little girl anymore,
I cannot play in this park,
The world is opening up to me,
I’m just trying to figure out how I’ll handle it,

There is no need to  judge me,
Its not easy being young,
Its not easy having all these choices,
Its not easy being prone,
Its not easy making decisions,
The childhood was a fantasy,
Growing up seems to be a trap,
I won’t be this age long,

There is a lot going on now,
Its not a teenage thing,
It is not the peer pressure,
It is just the same disease,
Trying to find our who we are,

Growing up has taught me one thing that
I need to stay away from the crowd,
I need to go out and search,
I may make mistakes,
I will make them the building stones,
Maybe then I’ll stumble on my self.


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