The friend zone as seen by many,hot!

Yes,this zone exists,it’s a figment now part of us like the Bermuda triangle perhaps,some grievous human created it, now everyone thinks it exists,and it’s now a dreaded zone,pausing more threat than global warming,animal extinction,corruption,plague and hunger.
By definition,friend zone is that place dreaded by weak men,who fail to do what real men do,which is respect a woman’s no. It’s a “commitment mismatch”.
The animosity of friend zone and it’s impact on men hit me so hard when I was caught up in a crossfire with a  bunch of friends-I prefer  to call it so because it was war in itself,majority of participants fighting the zone.
Our brothers dread it. The saddest part ,which I also came to realise during our mini-war was that they create it.
Anyhow,brethren, friend zone is a mythical reality. It’s a mental decapitation of sorts,yes if you ever feel like you are in a friend zone, that is your mark of immaturity.
   It means you don’t reach the bar of elites. You also need to learn that girls are not sexual beings primarily,every female in your life cannot be with you intimately.
See,when a boy meets a girl here is brief sample of what usually happens or say goes on through his mind;
I will chat with her…..
then ask her out……
she will say yes….of course…..
and we will  have  sex…..
and he will  give himself a pat on the back,with a  smile of self gratification,
If at all it doesn’t go that way,bummm!! It’s the friend zone,that monster zone.
But remind me ,what happened to being friends? A girl and a boy can’t be friends? Should we assume all our friends of opposite sex are in a zone so horrific,they need to get out?
A boy pretends to be a friend but with prospects of graduating from the  “zone.” If it all fails he runs,yelling help! help! i landed in the friend zone,like it’s some hell.
Do not be heard saying you are zoned, or you loose your manhood!
But that my friends is how the friend zone came to exist.



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